Nanostructured Oxides for Quantum Conversion of Solar Energy:
Low cost, high efficiency solar conversion, self window cleaning and light management

Funded by the European Commision FP7

 Novel Composite Oxides by Combinatorial Material Synthesis for Next Generation All-Oxide-Photovoltaics.




 Petroleum alternatives for transportation by promoting electrical propulsion and electric vehicles (EVs).


DyE SensiTIzed solar cells with eNhanced stabilitY


 Photo-Induced Dipoles: A New Method to Convert Wasted Photons into Photovoltage in Nano-Structured Solar Cells


Ministry  of Industry Trade and Labor KAMIN

Photoinduced Altering Wettability for Self-Cleaning Surface


Ministry  of Industry Trade and Labor KAMIN
Self-Powered Electrochromic Windows Using Novel Semitransparent Photovoltaic Coatings



High Efficiency Low Cost Photovoltaics Based on Tandem Dye Sensitized Solar Cells   


Development of Materials Processes and Methods for the Preparation of Flexible Transparent Substrate for DyeSensitized Solar Cells.


 Minitry of Science-Infrastructure.
 Nanoporous Solar Cell based on semiconductor absorber.