Sustainable electricity - Solar conversion and storage:
  • All-Oxide PV.
  • Perovskite based solar cells,
  • QDs based solar cells.
  • Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC).
  • Low cost spectral splitting for multi-bandgap PV.
  • Transparent electrodes and current collectors.
  • Metal-air batteries.

Combinatorial Material science:

  • All oxide PV.
  • Electro-catalysts.  


  • Material science
  • Solar energy (PV)
  • Electrochemistry
  • Photo-electrochemistry
  • Physical chemistry






Arie Zaban was born in Israel in 1961. He earned a B.Sc. in Chemistry (summa cum laude) and a Ph.D. in Electrochemistry (with highest distinction) at Bar-Ilan University (1987-1995). After a 2 year postdoctoral stint at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Denver, CO), he was appointed to the senior faculty at Bar-Ilan (1998), where he is currently a Full Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Bar Ilan Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials.
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David Cahen studied chemistry & physics at Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem (HUJI), materials science & physical chemistry at Northwestern Univ., and, as PD, biophysics of photosynthesis at the Hebrew University and Weizmann Inst. of Science. After joining the Weizmann Institute as faculty member he specialized in optoelectronic materials chemistry & physics; today his research centers on novel materials for solar cells, and on electron transport across peptides & proteins, including implications for bio-optoelectronics. He is an AVS and MRS fellow. Since 9-2017 is a visiting professor at Bar Ilan Univ., and co-advises the Zaban group.


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